The impact of technology on employment

The impact of technology on employment has been profound. There were times when people were dependent on classified ads in the newspapers and pamphlets. These days are long gone. Now, a job is just a click away. So, let us find out how technology has impacted employment.

Upload a resume/CV

The first step is to prepare an impressive resume/CV. Upload this CV on linked in and such other similar job portals. The people who are searching for jobs can search by using keywords. The potential employers are too looking for talented pool relentlessly. The fresher can look up for fresher jobs. Those who are student and still doing courses in universities/colleges can do internships by uploading a CV. When the employers are interested in a person’s profile, they send them a mail for further procedure. There are various filters to help you customize. These filters help you select your salary expectation. You can share your set of skills. The skills shown on your profile are up voted by your colleagues or bosses of previous organizations.

So, the linked in or other such similar web job portals work as a bridge between the employers and employees. The employers can view the experience, skills, and expertise, the organization the employee has worked previously. They can see from which university or college he did complete his education.

A person can give telephonic interviews/skype interviews. In order to give the interview he does not need to go to a particular place, he can simply be online. It not only helps people give interviews but also take tests.

Work from home

Those who are physically challenged or simply want to work from home can use this option. There are numerous such jobs that can be done by working from home. Freelance has enabled everybody to be your own boss. Those people who do not want to work for others can work from home and be their own boss. A person sitting in one country can find a job in foreign countries. The person can compare his salary and set of skills with others. The work from home is an amazing option for women who are pregnant or whose babies are young and need care. They can be near the babies and still work. They become independent.

The other benefit of technology is you can sell your products online for an instance if you are an artist and you do not have clients in your city you can sell your work online. You can multiply your benefits.

We can conclude that technology is a boon. No one can remain unemployed if he knows how to use technology. He should know where to search and what to search. There are online grooming and personality development classes. He can use these courses to get good job opportunities. Moreover, the artists can use a website to showcase there work. On this official website, the person should always provide his contact details so that the interested person should be able to reach you out.s